CBRE’s “Office Ready” Simplifies Office Fit-Outs


DALLAS–CBRE announced the launch of Office Ready, a new end-to-end solution from Project Management that takes the complexity out of office buildouts so organizations can focus on their business, not their real estate.

“Office Ready combines CBRE’s unique perspective and insights on the future workplace with real-world applications,” said Jim Dobleske, Global President of Project Management. “Our experts have developed Office Ready to give office occupiers confidence in the decisions they’re making about how they design and deliver spaces that will support their workforces far into the future.”

Best suited for small to mid-sized (5,000 to 30,000 sq. ft.) office spaces, Office Ready offers a seamless process from design to delivery that is both cost-effective and efficient. Office Ready users can expect to see up to 20 to 30 percent supply chain cost savings and 20 percent faster delivery of the finished product.

Office Ready also offers thoughtful, pre-built design options from CBRE’s award-winning Interior Design team, ensuring users don’t have to compromise on design while still realizing excellent value on their real estate investments.

“One of the best things about Office Ready is that it brings the full spectrum of CBRE’s project management capabilities to our clients in a very accessible way,” said Tina Lamkey, Senior Director with CBRE Project Management and a leader with the firm’s Interior Design practice. “Office Ready is fully tech-enabled, letting users plan, design and preview a 3D model of their design in a matter of minutes rather than weeks as with a traditional office buildout.”

By compressing the upfront planning process with pre-built design and materials options and delivering in Principal, Office Ready provides significant cost-savings and speed-to-market while also managing risk and suppliers for the client.

“Clients are always wary of the time and energy it takes to plan for, design and deliver a new office space and Office Ready simplifies the entire process,” said Ms. Lamkey. “Rather than having to make hundreds of decisions, our team takes the burden off of them and makes the experience completely hassle free.”

And in a year when office occupiers have needed to reevaluate their real estate strategies and financial investments quickly, Office Ready has been a welcome solution.

“Office Ready was developed with well-being as a key consideration and in addition to special considerations in materiality, acoustics, lighting, and ergonomics, our pre-built designs reflect the best current guidance in response to COVID-19 in the office,” said Adrienne Harbarger, CBRE’s Senior Design Project Lead for Office Ready. “Many of our clients have had to reevaluate their real estate strategies this year, and Office Ready really enhances our ability to help them deliver new office solutions quickly.”