Jason Chrzanowski Licensed as a Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional

Jason Chrzanowski

NORWOOD, MA–GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc., announced that Jason R. Chrzanowski, a project manager in GZA’s Norwood, MA, office, has been licensed as a Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional (LSP). This designation allows Jason to oversee the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites in conformance with the requirements of the Massachusetts Contingency Plan.

He becomes one of GZA’s 15 active LSPs working in five of the company’s New England offices.

Jason has more than 16 years of experience in the environmental consulting and analytical laboratory services industry, including investigation, assessment, and remediation work on a wide variety of hazardous waste sites. In his eight years with GZA, he has led multiple projects involving the assessment and remediation of former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) sites in Massachusetts.

Jason Chrzanowski

He has also served as project manager for the removal of four liquefied propane (LP) tanks totaling 180,000 gallons; has reviewed site status and site closure options, including a Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) mobility study, for a public transit facility; and has performed compliance monitoring, reporting, and the development of closure cost estimates for an electric power plant site with petroleum and PCB releases.

“Given the privatized process under which hazardous waste disposal sites are addressed under Massachusetts law, it is important that LSPs meet high professional standards,” said Larry Feldman, a Senior Principal at GZA and a former member of the LSP Board of Registration. “All of Jason’s colleagues at GZA are proud of Jason for this notable professional achievement.”

“For my part,” said Jason, “I am proud to be part of GZA’s LSP services practice. I appreciate being able to help our clients address their environmental issues in an effective, responsible way.”

Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Management from the University of Rhode Island. He is currently serving as co-chair of the Technical Practices Committee of the Massachusetts LSP Association (LSPA).