Amazon tops Walmart, Target, and Kohl’s as the Top Destination for Holiday Shopping


Austin, TX – According to a survey conducted by IPSOS Public Affairs on behalf of, Amazon is the retailer to beat when it comes to holiday shopping this year. The survey also shows that more consumers than ever will be using their mobile devices to shop this year.

“Consumers are choosing Amazon over other retailers because they have the convenience of buying everything they need in one spot,” says Kerry Sherin, Savings Expert at “However, it is important to know that shoppers should still be looking at other retailers if they are looking to save the most this year.”

Top Consumer Brands and Stores: Store Percentage of Those Shopping
Amazon: 59%
Walmart: 52%
Target: 36%
Kohl’s: 25%
Best Buy: 23%

amazon-logoThanksgiving Shopping Trends:
Thanksgiving is the second to last least shopped holiday (47% of those surveyed say they will shop). Retailers have known it’s controversial to push sales on this day but continue to do so. Shoppers aren’t showing the same enthusiasm as the do for other shopping holidays.
• Online- 19%
• In-Store- 30%
• Mobile Device- 6%
• Social Media- 2%
• Not Shopping- 53% – (up 8%)

Black Friday Shopping Trends
24% more people will be shopping this Black Friday compared to last year.
• Online- 36%
• In-Store- 36%
• Mobile Device- 11%
• Social Media- 3%
• Not Shopping- 34%

Cyber Monday Shopping Trends
Cyber Monday is the most popular shopping holiday this year with 69% of those surveyed saying they will shop.
• Online- 54%
• In-Store- 12%
• Mobile Device- 14%
• Social Media- 3%
• Not Shopping- 31%

Mobile Shopping Trends
Compared to last year’s results, consumers are much more likely to use their mobile devices when holiday shopping; a market trend that is up 12.5% this year and up 43% from 2014.
• This year, 63% of people surveyed plan on using their mobile devices compared to 56% in 2015 and 44% in 2014.
• More than one-third (35%) of Americans will use their mobile phones to look for coupons and deals when holiday shopping, and also to compare products at different stores (34%).
• Another 32% will check out product reviews, while three in ten further say they will use their phone to actually make purchases (32%).
• Millennials continue to stand out here, being among those most likely to say that they plan to use their mobile device when shopping this holiday season (86%, ages 18-34 vs. 53%, 35+).