Valencia College Debuts Residential Property Management Program

Eldon Warfield

CHICAGO– The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM®) is collaborating with Valencia College in Orlando, FL, to support their launch of a residential property management degree program.

Valencia kicked off its Residential Property Management Associate in Science (A.S.) degree during the Fall 2017 semester when the first students enrolled in the two year, sixty hour program. The program is designed to prepare students to go directly into a specialized career in the residential property management field.

As a result of an articulation agreement with IREM, Valencia College will award course credit to those students who hold IREM’s CPM® and ARM® credentials. The agreement makes it possible for a student matriculating through Valencia’s residential property management program to receive 15 semester hours of college credit for the ARM certification towards the degree and 21 semester hours of college credit for the CPM designation.

IREM and Valencia College have a shared goal to create opportunities, to encourage collaboration and networking, to deliver valuable education for real estate management students and professionals, and to support real estate management companies secure the talent they need.

Eldon Warfield

“I was excited to announce to my colleagues and the staff  that IREM had endorsed our Residental Property Management A.S. degree program. Both IREM and Valencia share the importance of education, as well as industry certifications. We are reaching out to those who hold IREM’s ARM and CPM credentials, as well as AMO firms, to spread the word. The successful completion of the degree, which includes completing an internship, will position students with a conditional ARM opportunity and provide a gateway into a great career,” said Eldon Warfield, CPM, MBA, professor and program chair of Valencia’s Residential Property Management program. “Our industry and our future property managers will both benefit. What better beginning career path could a student choose?”