BTEA Northeast appoints Thomas Gunning as the organization’s new Executive Director

Thomas S. Gunning

Boston–BTEA Northeast announced the appointment of Thomas S. Gunning as the organization’s new Executive Director, signaling a new generation of leadership for the century-old construction association that serves as the leading voice for union building contractors in the region.

“Our organization that serves over 225 contractors throughout the Northeast is now passing the torch to new leadership who will execute the vision of our organization to advance the unionized construction industry and stronger relations between labor and management,” said Albert J. Welch III, BTEA Northeast’s President. “I am confident in Tom’s ability, and in his knowledge to build upon the great work of his predecessors.”

The Gunning family represents three generations of leadership that pushes progress and innovation in the construction industry. Mr. Gunning, or T3, as he is commonly referred to, previously served as Director of Labor Relations. His father, Thomas J. Gunning, will now serve as Executive Director Emeritus, following his service of almost 30 years from 1992 until December 2021. Thomas S. Gunning, grandfather of T3 and father of Thomas J. Gunning, also served as Executive Director for 40 years, from 1952 to 1992.

“As one of the largest union construction contractor associations in the Northeast, we’re proud of the Gunning tradition that has evolved from this work,” noted Thomas J. Gunning. “Tom brings a new, innovative direction to the table that addresses a changing industry and the needs of a new generation of construction professionals. “

Mr. Gunning, in his new role, is taking on forward thinking policies including diversity and inclusion, as well as spearheading mental health and substance recovery initiatives in the construction industry through the BTEA Northeast’s National Recovery Week to be held this coming spring.

“BTEA Northeast has built an outstanding reputation for advocating on behalf of its contractors and the workforce they employ. I will continue that work in the footsteps of my father and grandfather,” affirmed Mr. Gunning.

Headquartered in Braintree, Massachusetts, BTEA Northeast serves as the major voice for the union building trades contractor for all of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and portions of upstate New York. The Association encompasses seven different area trade associations that employ tradespeople from eight different local building trades unions. The organization’s labor committees negotiate with 14 different trades covering over 85 different local unions across the northeast region.