Bergmeyer Announces Leadership and Practice Promotions

Stephanie Jones

BOSTON– Bergmeyer announced leadership and practice promotions at the start of the new year. Highlighting the diversity of the organization’s talents and expertise, the firm continues to expand its creative services to meet the needs of its growing client base.

“Our clients know that the creative energy of our staff is what sets us apart. We choose to recognize and promote the people who best exemplify our unique and dynamic culture, our shared organizational values, and our client-centered business model,” said Mike Davis, Bergmeyer President. “These advancements will ensure our clients’ continued success for years to come.”

At the leadership level, Bergmeyer welcomed three new team members into its Associate tier, a title which is given in recognition of those who demonstrate exemplary leadership within the firm as well as within the design industry and is the first tier of Bergmeyer’s ownership structure.

Bergmeyer also promoted one team member to its Senior Associate tier, a level of recognition given to leaders within the firm that establish a shared commitment to the firm’s success by investing time in developing staff, advocating for others, and sharing leadership opportunities.

Here are the key promotions:

Stephanie Jones NCIDQ, IIDA, Design Practice Leader, promoted to Senior Associate.

Samantha Goodman LEED AP BD+C, promoted to Senior Architectural Designer, Associate.

Brian Fontaine AIA, LEED AP BD+C, promoted to Senior Architect, Associate.

Jonathan J. Nelson, Director of Brand Communications, promoted to Associate.

In addition to key leadership advancements, Bergmeyer announced Senior Practitioner promotions for team members reaching a level of professional expertise worthy of special recognition. These title changes reflect a level of professional development recognized by the firm as consistent and trustworthy design and project leaders.

Stephanie Alves AIA CDT, LEED GA, promoted to Senior Architect.

Angela Dewar IIDA, LEED GA, promoted to Senior Interior Designer.

Jenny Reagan, promoted to Senior Marketing Manager.

In addition to Associate tier recognition, Brian Fontaine was also promoted to Senior Architect, and Samantha Goodman was promoted to Senior Architectural Designer.