Mark Deschenes Named President of Boylston Properties

Mark Deschenes

BOSTON– Boylston Properties announced that Mark Deschenes has been appointed President of the firm after nearly 20 years of operating in partnership with Founding Principal, Bill McQuillan.

Mark originally joined Boylston Properties in 1998, and following a few years hiatus, rejoined as Principal in 2006, overseeing all project development. Since then, Mark has been responsible for much of the progress and growth of Boylston Properties, driving nearly $1B of impactful development projects like the Residence Inn Fenway, the LINX life science building in Watertown, and of course, the monumental 1M sf mixed-use Arsenal Yards project.

“I began working with Mark Deschenes almost 25 years ago, and I can’t say enough about his drive, commitment, and the general excellence that he’s brought to the work we do,” said McQuillan. “I have never seen such dedication from one person – from a commitment to building better buildings, to leading and growing our team, and acting with integrity to all the individuals and organizations that Boylston Properties interacts with on a daily basis.”

Mark began his career in engineering, design, and construction, and during his time at Boylston Properties, has added permitting, leasing, and financing to his repertoire. His eye for operational efficiency has a direct impact on the success of the various assets that Boylston has developed – both in the ability to realize financial return and the ability to transform the places where they are built. Mark is a licensed structural engineer with a degree in civil engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, and an MBA from Babson College.

“Boylston Properties has come a long way since our early days in 1998. I’m incredibly proud of all that we’ve accomplished in that time, including the various successful assets that we’ve built and added to our portfolio, but more importantly, of the amazing team of hard-working and creative individuals that we have been fortunate to surround ourselves with,” said Deschenes, President of Boylston Properties. “We’ve got a great crew – each of whom genuinely loves what we do and with whom we do it. While it’s humbling to look at our success to-date, what’s most exciting is the prospect of all that lies ahead.”

“As many people already know, Mark has been the go-to-person at Boylston Properties for many things and he is the perfect person to lead our growing team of 20 on a daily basis, especially at this inflection point of growth for our firm,” added McQuillan. “Everyone knows that building Boylston Properties has been my life’s work and I truly love what we do for a living. That drive has contributed to me being at the office probably more than I should be at this stage of my life. While I’ll still be quite involved at my demanding and passionate level, Mark will drive the day-to-day while I ramp up the travel and spend more time with the great Linda, and accelerate losing golf balls all across New England.”

Mark will lead Boylston Properties at an important time as the firm grows and expands in the Greater Boston area including a pipeline of potential new developments in Watertown, Boston, Cambridge, and Newton.

“Since joining Boylston Properties as a Principal nearly five years ago, there is no question the footprint and significant impact that Mark has had on this company,” said Andrew Copelotti, Principal at Boylston Properties. “His ability to step into any role at the company and both perceive and understand what’s needed to drive success is impressive. We are well positioned for growth here in Greater Boston and Mark is a leader that will help keep us true to our values while moving us forward as an organization.”