Nauset Completes 123 Bed Skilled Nursing Facility for Whittier Health Network


Newburyport, MA – Nauset Construction announced the completion of the new Port Healthcare Center, a 123-bed skilled nursing facility owned and operated by Whittier Health Network, a family-owned healthcare organization with operations in Massachusetts and New York.

The new center is a replacement facility that more than doubles the bed count from the original facility, and features many modern conveniences and home-like amenities. Construction of the new building was completed in the fall of 2017, which allowed residents to move into their new community. In the spring, Nauset demolished the adjacent original (circa 1968) structure, replaced it with a new parking lot, and recently completed extensive landscaping and additional site improvements to the complex.

“The new facility provides our residents and rehabilitative patients with industry-leading healthcare services in a warm and welcoming environment that feels like home. Construction of the new building next to the occupied existing facility was well orchestrated by Nauset Construction with minimal disruption,” said Michael Arcidi, the vice president of Whittier Health Network.”

Designed by longtime Whittier architect Ranere Associates Inc., the 62,000 square-foot, two-story, steel and concrete structure features cutting-edge technology designed to facilitate an enhanced focus on resident wellness and comfort. For example, the Center’s lobby closely resembles that of a hotel and was designed to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for residents.

Constructing a new building adjacent to an occupied and operational healthcare facility presents challenges not found when building standalone, ground-up facilities, so construction activities needed to be well-planned, coordinated and executed in a proactive and sensitive manner.

“Nauset has extensive experience working in sensitive healthcare environments and deploys proven procedures that focus the entire project team on safety and patient awareness requirements,” said Nauset Construction President Anthony Papantonis. “Through experience and training, our employees have developed the ability to remain alert and responsive to minimize disruptions to the residents, patients and staff during the construction process.”

The Port Healthcare Center features a host of amenities, including private and semiprivate rooms (complete with private toilets), a beauty salon, a music/library room, community and private dining rooms, a meeting and teleconference facility, well-appointed occupational and physical therapy rooms, exterior patios, and Wi-Fi. State-of-the-art life safety systems, including fire alarms, nurse-call security systems, and fully automatic fire suppression systems, were installed throughout the building to ensure occupant safety.

In addition to long-term residential care for its elderly residents, the new facility provides accommodations for those requiring short-term physical rehabilitative and sub-acute care services following surgical procedures such as hip and knee replacements.