Creating Visible Connections Between Solar Energy & Artistic Expression at Assembly Row

Photo Cedit: Aram Boghosian

SOMERVILLE, MA SmartFlower Solar, the Boston-based solar company behind the award-winning Smartflower, introduced its first multi-unit Smartflower installation in Massachusetts at Assembly Row, the growing neighborhood just minutes from downtown Boston.

This multi-unit installation is one of many planned installations in Boston, inspiring a clean energy future within the community.

SmartFlower Solar has installed thousands of Smartflowers worldwide and partnered with multinational companies such as Adidas, Siemens, Carlsberg, and Mohawk Group in order to bridge artistry, innovation and renewable energy with employees, consumers and communities. “The installation of the Smartflower solar systems at Assembly Row represents the blending of superior performance and artful design with Federal Realty’s important sustainability and community engagement initiatives,” said Jim Gordon, CEO of SmartFlower Solar, “Watching the Smartflowers track the sun educates and inspires visitors and occupants toward a better energy and environmental future.”

The property’s developer, Federal Realty Investment Trust, installed two Smartflowers at Assembly Row along with other public art projects, such as “Bloom”, a series of interactive sculptures in partnership with Boston-based Artists For Humanity. This environmental statement not only produces clean energy, but also enhances the beauty of the existing art installations.

“As we continuously look to increase sustainability and add innovation at Assembly Row, this partnership with SmartFlower Solar was a terrific opportunity,” said Assembly Row General Manager David Middleton. “The electricity generated by the installation will help offset the electricity we use in lighting our other public art.”

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