Lauring Construction Celebrates 75th Anniversary, Names New Owners


WORCESTER, Mass. – Celebrating its 75th anniversary, Lauring Construction, a third-generation general contracting and construction management firm, announced it has named three new owners of the company.

Actively involved with the day-to-day operations of the company since 2010, the third generation – Dan, Mike, and Chris Lauring – will join John and Jim Lauring as owners.

With 30 employees, Lauring has in-house experts in disciplines such as rough and finish carpentry, excavation and earthwork, and concrete finishing, giving the company an advantage with scheduling and coordinating these trades on projects. The company’s depth of knowledge enables it to better plan for jobs, more efficiently approach and complete projects, and effortlessly adapt to any changes that might occur throughout the construction process.

“We are all very conscious of “our name being on the product” and strive to maintain our reputation in the industry as a well-respected, honest, and easy to work with contractor who delivers the highest quality end result,” said John Lauring. “We are certain the third generation of the Lauring family will continue this tradition and build on our strong foundation.”

Dan Lauring earned a B.S. in Finance from Providence College and joined the company in 2007. Since 2006, Lauring Construction has worked with Nichols College, a private business school in Dudley, Mass., completing more than 20 projects. Dan oversaw a seven-phase renovation of Lombard Dining Hall. This was a six-phase renovation of the existing dining hall.  In addition to the interior renovations, new construction included an addition to the front main entrance and raising the roof structure by two stories to create an atrium-like space with a cathedral ceiling. Lauring was able to keep the dining hall open for business every day of the school year throughout the four-and-a-half-year project.

Robert LaVigne, associate vice president for operations at Nichols College, said, “Lauring Construction did a great job with a challenging project. They respected the fact that the buildings were operational during construction and made sure to erect temporary enclosures and weather-proofing measures to protect our facilities. We are very pleased with the results.”

Mike Lauring received a B.S. in Management and an MBA from Providence College before joining the company in 2010. Lauring Construction has worked with Assumption University in Worcester for more than 40 years. Mike was one of the project managers on a three-story 41,000 SF Health Sciences Building with an accompanying two-story parking garage.  The project had a tight schedule, and the work was impacted by the early days of COVID. Other projects include the 64,000 SF Tsotsis Family Academic Center, the hub of academic life on campus, and the Tinsley Campus Ministry Center (an addition to the Chapel of the Holy Spirit).

“In nearly every area of campus, one has the opportunity to marvel at the expertise of Lauring Construction, who has continuously realized our ambitious vision to provide exemplary learning facilities,” said Francesco C. Cesareo, PhD, former president of Assumption University.

Chris Lauring worked summers and school breaks as a laborer and carpenter for the company from 2005 through 2011 before being promoted to project manager when he graduated from Saint Joseph’s University with a B.S. in Marketing. Recently, Chris oversaw the construction of eight new buildings for Amego, Inc., an organization that supports people with autism and other developmental disabilities. The project consisted of six group homes (3,600 SF each) that collectively house 42 people.  Additionally, Lauring built a 2,800 SF community center, 1,000 SF maintenance garage, playground, half basketball court, and campus-wide walking path.

“We have worked with Lauring Construction for five years and their team approach to managing projects has always impressed us. When it came time to build a new residential campus, we knew Lauring was the best choice,” said John Randall, Amego CEO.