Even Real Estate Industry is Getting Tech Savvy


BOSTON–Everything has “an app for that.” Now even the real estate, one of the oldest industries in the game, is getting tech savvy. Here are a few examples:

Cambridge Crossing + mixed reality experience– one of the largest developments to break ground in Greater Boston in 2017 –  the firm introduced a new way to show off their new brand. Replacing the brand book, 3D model and powerpoint – the team introduced a mixed reality experience for the site

Made by local group InPhantry – the program goes beyond virtual reality and is interactive showing the site, the future GLX, pedestrian connections, lifestyle opportunities, and more.

Deposify – changing the rental deposit scam system:  Anyone who has ever rented – from or to someone – in Boston has likely come across some sort of issue. Whether it be the paperwork or compliance involved for landlords, or renters having disputes about money landlords keep at the end of the lease – Deposify has the solution.

Deposify provides mobile first trust accounts to landlords and tenants that lets them manage and control how and when security deposits are paid, using its secure online platform. They are backed by Bank of Ireland, local People’s United Bank, and are signing another soon.

It’s great for both parties because it makes sure the landlord is compliant, and streamlines the process for them. It’s great for tenants because their money is secure, and it eliminates unnecessary litigation (if a problem arises).

Deposify originated in Ireland, and then opened an office in Boston last year. They are expanding into Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New York now as well.

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