When Seaport Becomes a Playground for All Ages


BOSTON – The Seaport’s art scene continues to grow, this time with an internationally renowned public installation. WS Development is transforming Seaport Common into a lively interactive art experience, Seaport x Impulse.

With fifteen illuminating and sound-producing see-saws, Seaport x Impulse creates a whimsical playground, offering visitors the opportunity to beat the winter blues through creative light therapy while exploring how architecture can visualize sound.

The project is on view on Seaport Common (85 Northern Avenue Boston MA 02210) from February 16th through April 8, 2018. More information can be found at www.bostonseaport.xyz and videos of the installation in London and Montreal can be viewed here.

The see-saws form units of light and sound that can be activated and played by the public to create a temporal, ever-changing public event. When activated by users and inclined, the see-saws, connected to LED lights and a speaker, will augment in light intensification and emit a sound sequence, animating Seaport Common. When not in use, the see-saws stabilize and remain at a lower glowing level. Research suggests that the changes in light exposure alter levels of the hormones melatonin and serotonin, which help regulate mood and sleep.

Seaport x Impulse was created by the award-winning artistic team from Toronto’s Lateral Office with Montreal-based CS Design in collaboration with EGP Group, also based in Montreal, with Mitchell Akiyama at the sound design, Generique Design at the mechanical design and fabrication, and Robocut Studio at the electronic design and fabrication. Touring multiple cities around the world, including London, Brussels and Chicago, the internationally acclaimed project was first inspired by the iconic cover of the Joy Division album “Unknown Pleasures”, as well as Steve Reich’s serial, minimal music which plays with repetition, rhythm and syncopation.

Seaport x Impulse speaks to the Seaport’s innovative and collaborative spirit while offering an opportunity to bring the neighborhood together. As we continue to welcome new residents and businesses to the Seaport, our latest interactive installation is another new way to celebrate our neighborhood’s sense of community. We invite all ages to come outside and enjoy this uplifting activity,” says Yanni Tsipis, Senior Vice President, Seaport, WS Development.

Culture, industry and community converge making Boston’s Seaport district a dynamic and vibrant area that is quickly emerging as one of the most exciting neighborhoods and destinations in the country. Combining the best of historic and modern day Boston, Seaport is positioned to become the destination for fashion, culture, arts, dining and entertainment, and technology and life sciences, expanding its position as one of the top cities in the world.

WS Development is a Massachusetts-based property developer dedicated to the creation of places where people want to be.  With more than 20 million square feet of existing space and an additional five million under development, it is one of the largest privately-owned development firms in the country. In business since 1990, WS is a vertically-integrated company that develops, owns, operates, and leases over 90 properties, including urban buildings, lifestyle centers, power centers, community centers, and mixed-use developments. Its goal is to be a contributing member of each community it serves. WS takes pride in its commitment to its roots, reflected by its properties in and around New England, but also finds great satisfaction in immersing itself in new locales and expanding its national portfolio.