Swift River Announces Expansion of Campus to 112 Treatment Beds


CUMMINGTON, MA– Swift River, thought leader in alcoholism, substance use disorder and mental health treatment, is now licensed for 32 ATS (Detox) and 80 CSS (Residential) beds, for a total of 112. The campus has hired an additional 90 staff members for this expansion for a new total of just under 200 employees. All are fully trained and ready to better meet the need for addiction treatment in the state of Massachusetts.

“This expansion represents a culmination of work that started in March of this year,” says Swift River CEO Matt Love. “The team pulled together and implemented a massive plan that covered everything surrounding the efficiency and environment of care for our additional clients. The hard work and dedication of the staff and management team at Swift River are very apparent.”


At Swift River, recovery from addiction is ignited by the thrill of wilderness therapy, dual diagnosis treatment and individualized counseling, set against the soaring beauty of the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. On 500 acres and 12 buildings triangled between Boston, Hartford and Albany, Swift River cultivates the most innovative addiction treatment therapies including adventure courses, skiing, catapult bungee and more.

The campus specializes in implementing a high level of balance in clients – from social, spiritual to economic success, based on creating a long-term, sustainable recovery. Through evidence-based therapies and lifelong support through its alumni program, Swift River helps clients implement the lifelong skills they need to thrive free of substance abuse and ignites the radiant passion for life that lies within them.