Kripper Studio Engaged by City of Boston on a Second Project

Amir Kripper
BOSTON–Kripper Studio announced its engagement by the Mayor’s Office of Housing, the firm’s second project with the City of Boston.
Kripper Studio is engaged to produce a study of city owned land and an accompanying policy guide to contribute to the ongoing exploration of alternative ways to reduce the city’s housing shortage.


In July, Kripper Studio announced their first engagement with the City of Boston with the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture to assess, identify and recommend solutions to enhance and expand the production capabilities for The Strand Theater.

Kripper Studio is recognized for their sensitive and creative approach to improving existing buildings for residential and commercial use.  The engagement to study and produce a policy guide for the Mayor’s Office of Housing taps into the firm’s expertise in urban planning and finding expedient and efficient design solutions to build new and re-use existing buildings.

“What might appear to be constraining available square footage or restrictive zoning ordinances are opportunities to create housing that can respect the fundamentals of healthy living,” explains Architect Amir Kripper, the Founding Principal of Kripper Studio.  “Considering the dignity of those in need, the City of Boston’s continued effort to explore alternatives confirms that quality housing should be a reachable goal for all.  I’m honored to contribute an architect’s perspective to the possible solutions.”