John Hancock to move back to the Back Bay

601 Congress Street, Boston (Photo courtesy: Pinstreet)

BOSTON– Insurance giant John Hancock will relocate more than 1,000 employees from its headquarters in Boston’s Seaport District to two properties it owns in the Back Bay, including the longtime Hancock building on Berkeley Street, Boston Globe reported.

“The move represents an unusual development for the booming Seaport District, which has been gaining, not losing, big employers,” said Boston Globe. “When Hancock moved its headquarters to the Seaport in 2005, it was one of the first major companies to set down stakes in the neighborhood, which was at the time mostly a sea of parking lots.”

According to the Boston Globe, Hancock also maintained a presence in the Back Bay, where it has about 2,200 employees, though it is no longer affiliated with the city’s tallest building, the glass skyscraper that bore the insurer’s name for decades.

601 Congress Street, Boston (Photo courtesy: Pinstreet)

Marianne Harrison, the first female chief executive in the company’s 156-year history, has no plans to maintain the low profile of her predecessors, reported Boston Globe.

“In a memo to employees on Tuesday, Hancock’s chief executive, Marianne Harrison, said bringing all of the company’s Boston employees together at one location in the Back Bay would improve the corporate culture and customer service,” Boston Globe said.