Electrically Self-Sustaining, Custom Luxury Homes Unveiled by S2A Modular


TEMECULA, CA S2A Modular has launched a new brand globally with the introduction of the #GreenLuxHome, as well as ushering in a new era in how world-class hotels and other business structures are built, along the line of sustainable living.

The first electrically self-sustaining, custom luxury homes are creating a new standard with high-end design and materials; faster construction speed; “surplus energy income” (Net Zero) generated from Tesla Powerwall technology and solar panels; tailor-made premium features; and smart-connected living.

S2A Modular allows home buyers to dream up a bigger, better lifestyle – either choosing from more than 35 pre-designed, high-end floorplans or literally creating a living space that was never thought possible before. In less than six short weeks after choosing designs and receiving approved plans, homes are built in their entirety with a visually identical foundation to a “traditional structure.”

Exclusively relying on a Tesla Powerwall and solar panels, the #GreenLuxHome not only eliminates costs associated with energy – utility companies may even pay residents for contributing energy to the grid

Instead of onsite development, S2A builds the home in a controlled environment, custom to home buyer specifications, with the latest in state-of-the-art appliances, smartphone-controlled settings and more pre-installed.

S2A has partnerships with globe-leading companies – such as Tesla, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi, AO Smith, NETGEAR, Broadstreet and more.

In addition to residential units, the company is changing the way world-class hotels and full commercial buildings are built – making them more cost-effective, efficient and sustainable.

S2A provides turnkey solutions that allow corporations big and small to develop their projects quickly. This new wave in commercial building construction eradicates cost-efficiency challenges associated with traditional brick and mortar construction, removing the need for multiple partners, vendors and longer timelines (which add cost). S2A Modular keeps it all under one roof in its 100,000-plus square foot MegaFactory.

Every S2A Modular construction project is sustained by Tesla Powerwall technology, paired with solar, to save businesses overhead and overall cost by eliminating energy bills

“A Green Lux Home isn’t just a slogan: we’re smashing old-fashioned perceptions and truly are creating a new category of custom homes that simply aren’t comparable to any traditional site-built, modular or other types of residences,” said John Rowland, co-founder and president of S2A Modular. “An S2A home is immediately superior in long-term value, upon appraisal, to a traditional home – and for good reason. Simply put, a Green Lux Home saves money, time and energy, while reflecting the ultimate level of sustainability, luxurious design, high-end materials, smart-connected features and an overall better way of living. We’re creating a home revolution.”