Callahan Construction Managers Holds Safety Stand-Down


BRIDGEWATER, MA– Callahan Construction Managers announced that it hosted a mandatory company-wide safety stand-down last month. During the stand-downs, teams at each Callahan jobsite reviewed hazards associated with the type of work they do and identified ways to eliminate them.

The goal of the safety stand-down was to refocus the importance of safety, eliminate complacency, and reflect on hazards to make every Callahan jobsite safer. All Callahan project executives, managers, superintendents, and subcontractors participated.

“Callahan is proactive when it comes to safety and we used this as an opportunity to refocus and avoid complacency and promote our zero-injury safety culture,” stated Justin Azbill, Director of Safety at Callahan. “We want to lead by example and do everything in our power to ensure every employee on site goes home safely at the end of the day.”

Stand-downs on each jobsite were led by Callahan Superintendents where the teams discussed complacency, situational awareness, fall protection, hand injuries, and COVID-19 compliance. Each subcontractor team also discussed hazards associated with the type of work they do and identified ways Callahan can help them eliminate job hazards. Callahan’s objective is to use this information to improve communication across all jobsites to continue to build a solid zero-injury safety culture across the entire company, which had a 98% rate of zero lost time incidents in 2020.

Callahan uses safety software to identify key data, including the most common times of day injuries occur and most commonly injured body parts to further assist with their safety initiatives and campaigns to reduce injuries and even near-misses. This data will form the foundation for their Safety Week focus areas and will continue to inform company decisions.

“It’s critical to the Callahan culture that jobsite safety is always top of mind so that we reduce hazards and eliminate injuries,” Azbill continued. “By focusing heavily on this, we’re not only protecting our employees on jobsites right now, we’re also focusing on the future and how we can continue to improve our procedures to eliminate injuries.”

Callahan was also recently awarded an Occupational Excellence Achievement Award, a Million Work Hour Award, a Callahan Site Division Perfect Record Award and a Significant Improvement Award from the National Safety Council. Five employees also received Safety Service Awards.

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