Union Building Trades Apprentices Get a Boost From Vice President Kamala Harris at Dorchester Event

DORCHESTER, MA – Vice President Kamala Harris joined a town hall-style discussion on Thursday with local union building trades apprentices hosted by Pipefitters Local 537, the Greater Boston Building Trades Unions, and the Greater Boston Labor Council.
As the Biden-Harris administration helps to advance billions in new infrastructure projects across the United States, it’s also supporting union apprenticeships and career pathways that are creating thousands of family-sustaining careers in every community across the nation. Here’s some of what local labor leaders and apprentices had to say about their careers and the importance of the Biden/Harris administration’s groundbreaking policies:
“One of the most important factors behind whether children in our communities thrive is what their parents earn. The Biden/Harris administration recognizes this and is investing in the creation of thousands of career pathways, thousands of good, union jobs, right here in Boston and throughout our country. This is how we build economic justice community by community, and it’s how we build racial justice. We were so thrilled to welcome the Vice President to Boston today to continue this momentum and to celebrate the great careers that Biden/Harris administration policies are spurring across our communities.” – Darlene Lombos, Greater Boston Labor Council
“Pipefitters Local 537 is proud to host Vice President Harris today, right here in Boston, and proud to be an example of how the administration’s investment in a union workforce is meeting the demand for cleaner energy solutions that also create union career pathways for local workers. We’re a union that is training a growing workforce in the newest clean technology, technology that will ultimately save people money and save energy. These are the careers Massachusetts needs now, and we’re very proud it’s all happening here at Local 537 in Boston.” – Daniel O’Brien, Business Manager and Financial Secretary, Pipefitters Local 537
“The Biden/Harris Administration is fighting for the workers of America. They’re working to make sure everyone has a career that supports families and strengthens communities — they know that investing in Unions is investing in America. We do our work in partnership with this White House. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris live by an example of fairness, decency, hard work and working together, and that is why they have our full support.” – Brian Doherty, General Agent and Secretary-Treasurer, Greater Boston Building Trades Union
“I am a proud member of Pipefitters Local 537, a 3rd-year apprentice, and I’m a proud graduate of Building Pathways. I’m also a single mother striving to build a better future for my kids. I’m an active member of my union, and I’d like to say thank you to the incredible team of support here at Local 537 — having the support of my Union Brothers and Sisters makes everything easier at work and at home.” – Ayesca Machado, Pipefitters Local 537
“Ten years ago, when I started my career, I was one of three women on my first job site and one of five people of color. Now, in ten years, I see so many more women and so many people of color, these careers are helping communities across Boston. We still have more work to do, but we have momentum and we’re going to keep building on it with the help of the Biden/Harris Administration.” – Chante Carney, Laborers Local 223
“Apprenticeship opportunities have really helped me and so many in my community pursue our goals.” – Erick Pires, 4th-year apprentice, Local 103 IBEW
“We know the transformative power of union apprenticeships for everyone, especially women and people of color. With unwavering dedication, the Biden/Harris Administration is creating vital opportunities in the union apprenticeship programs. It’s more than just constructing structures; it’s about constructing opportunities and tearing down barriers. Together, we are building bridges to a future where everyone, regardless of their background, can access the fulfilling and empowering careers they deserve.” – Nancy Luc, Deputy Director, Building Pathways.