The Remodeling Company catering to residential renovations and additions for aging-in-place

Gary Moffie

BEVERLY, MA–The Remodeling Company, a full-service residential remodeling firm serving residents in the Greater Boston area, has announced a new division dedicated to Senior Remodeling Services.

The Remodeling Company specializes in residential remodeling using universal design concepts to create functional, inviting spaces that meet the needs of everyday life while also enabling homeowners to age in place. The new division is led by the company’s founder, Gary Moffie, a Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) and Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) who is also certified by National Association of The Remodeling Industry (NARI) as a Universal Design Certified Professional (UDCP).

Growing older can present a variety of mobility, accessibility, dexterity and cognitive issues. Not only might this be true for people actually living in the home, but it also may be the case for other family members or friends who visit. The Remodeling Company helps homeowners create “living spaces for all” to help them remain in their homes for the long term and make their homes accessible for anyone who visits regardless of age or physical ability.

According to Moffie, who is an authority on how to make a home aging friendly, “Essentially, universal design improves the safety and convenience of daily living while also looking aesthetically pleasing. When we talk about wider doors and halls and adding grab bars, most people will think of an institutional setting (hospital; nursing home), but universal design promotes good design as well as the safety.”

One of the central concepts driven home by the Aging in Place model is the prioritization of fall prevention in remodeling layouts. Renovation examples include living, sleeping and bathroom areas all on a first-floor level; wide doorways and hallways to allow for wheelchairs to pass through; level transitions between rooms; non-slip flooring; ample lighting; and at least one no-stair point of entry to the home. Other remodeling design elements that may be incorporated include curbless showers which allow for easy entry and exit; strategically placed handrails; and drawer style dishwasher, microwave, and dinnerware storage systems.

Enhancing visibility to further promote safety is accomplished by installing effective and reliable lighting inside and outside the home. These fixtures can feature motion sensors and timers which are activated when needed and conserve energy when they are not. Natural lighting may be increased by incorporating extra windows and skylights.

The company also considers challenges pertaining to dexterity in every remodel for aging in place. For example, replacing knobs with lever style handles can make opening and closing doors much more comfortable and they look terrific. Installing light switches, microwaves, and dish drawers at lower heights can significantly increase accessibility. Side-by-side refrigerator and freezer units, front facing laundry equipment, and stoves with front controls also allow for less reaching and easier access.