SGA Partner Michael Schroeder Discusses Three Pillars of Virtual Design and Construction and How It is Changing Real Estate Project Delivery

Michael Schroeder

BOSTON–When Fast Company selected SGA as one of the Most Innovative Companies in 2018, the publication identified the firm’s capabilities in Virtual Design and Construction, known as VDC, as a key differentiator in scheduling and cost certainty.

Michael Schroeder, partner and director of VDC at SGA, played an instrumental role in attaining this honor. He has led the growth and development of the practice since 2014.

In a Face-to-Face interview with Boston Real Estate Times, Mr. Schroeder talks about VDC, an innovative tool that enhances project outcomes. To watch the full interview, please click here or on the link below.

VDC is an ideal fit for Mr. Schroeder, who loves to discover and invent new technologies that enhance project outcomes.  BIM underpins the programs he oversees, but he supplements the virtual world with face-to-face interactions to promote collaboration.

At the beginning of every commission, he onboards the project team and hosts an Execution Success Planning session, during which participants determine the most effective methods of delivery. Other pillars of his methodology include co-location of the development, design, and construction partners; bespoke project dashboards; and a variety of teambuilding initiatives.

Before joining SGA, Mr. Schroeder served as president, CEO, and principal implementer at BIM Jet INC. in Boston for seven years.  In this capacity, he led strategic consulting engagements for C-level BIM technology.  Previously Mr. Schroeder held the role of director of design technology at Moshe Safdie and Associates in Somerville, MA, where he established the firm’s vision and future direction of BIM and other technology platforms.

Mr. Schroeder received a Master of Design Studies with distinction from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Architecture from Montana State University.  He often lectures about BIM and integrated design at prominent industry organizations and institutions.