Ratio Therapeutics Opens New Headquarters and R&D Facility in Boston’s Seaport

Jack Hoppin

BOSTONRatio Therapeutics Inc., a pharmaceutical company focused on developing radiopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer, announced the opening of its new 19,000-square-foot headquarters and R&D facility in the Innovation and Design Building located in Boston’s Seaport District.

“We are excited about opening Ratio’s state-of-the-art facility that will enable us to accelerate the development of our proprietary platforms to bring novel radiopharmaceuticals to patients in need,” said Dr. Jack Hoppin, Ratio’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “The new headquarters will house biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, radiochemistry and biology labs, as well as office spaces that can accommodate up to 65 total personnel. Ratio has hired 10 new teammates this year and we will continue to grow the team as we expand our efforts.”

Ratio will continue to recruit biologists, chemists and data scientists to join its team of experts focused on the development of novel radiotherapeutics with a universal mission: to improve and extend the lives of cancer patients without sacrificing their quality of life.

Since its foundation in 2021, Ratio has secured more than $40 million in funding. Now the company is set to enter the clinic at light speed thanks to its two proprietary R&D platforms, Trillium™ and Macropa™ and its strategic partnerships with Bayer, Lantheus Holdings, Inc and Merck.

“During our first two years, Ratio has been primarily virtual. With the opening of our headquarters and laboratories, we are excited to have our team of scientists make the most of our new state-of-the-art research facility. We are passionate about bringing innovative cancer therapies to patients, with the goal of extending life while maintaining its quality. As we expand the company’s assets, we also will look forward to becoming the partner of choice for pharmaceutical companies dedicated to this area of cancer therapies,” added Dr. John Babich, Ratio’s President and Chief Scientific Officer.