McCall & Almy Promotes Sarah Burke to Senior Vice President, Lease Administration

Sarah Burke

BOSTON, MA – McCall & Almy announced that Sarah Burke has been promoted to Senior Vice President in its Lease Administration Group.

Sarah joined McCall & Almy in 2018 and works with its clients to manage their domestic and international real estate portfolios in real time. Sarah ensures that the obligations set forth in client’s leases are met by both tenant and landlord and works as a liaison between its clients and their landlords. Additionally, she audits our client’s lease-related expenses to ensure landlord compliance with the provisions set forth in their lease agreements.

Sarah has represented both the tenant and the landlord throughout her 21 years of experience in commercial real estate.

“Working with Sarah, you instantly realize that she’s an accomplished, dedicated and knowledgeable professional. She makes significant contributions to our projects and is a vital asset to our clients and our team at McCall & Almy,” stated Neil Schneider, Executive Vice President. “Our clients value Sarah’s real estate knowledge.”

Sarah is a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Regis College.