Jump-Start 2016 Marketing With Three Easy Steps

Upendra Mishra

By Upendra Mishra

WALTHAM, MA–With your potential customers fragmented all over, you are probably wondering where and how to start the 2016 marketing campaign: direct mail, digital marketing, social media, traditional media, search engines and blogs or microblogs, among other channels.

Upendra Mishra
Upendra Mishra

The three best places to start are: first, your own website; second, content marketing that is newsy, interesting and insightful; and finally, your own marketing channel.

First, you already have a website by now. But is it optimized for mobile devices? Is it listed in all search engines? Do you monitor visitors to your site? Is your site graphically optimized? Does it have the right metatags? Is it search engine friendly? Is it easy to read its content on smart phones? Is it updated regularly? Is it integrated with your all marketing channels?

The second place to start is the content marketing, a content that is newsy, interesting and insightful that appeals to your target audience. Content is the heart of your marketing in today’s digital age. There are many ways to use your content: newspaper and magazines, search engine optimization, digital media channels and your own website and newsletters.

Finally, this content and tools should be used to create your own marketing channels on social media: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and E-Makering newsletters and E-cards. These channels are free.

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