Real Estate Media Re-Invented: 10 Tools to Maximize Marketing and Branding Through Boston Real Estate Times


BOSTON—Boston Real Estate Times, a unified real estate news platform that seamlessly integrates digital, print, video and all social media channels on one platform, has literally re-invented real estate branding, marketing and advertising in New England.

First the numbers:


Over 15,000 commercial real estate professionals and corporate real estate executives rely on Boston Real Estate Times for 24/7 breaking real estate news coverage.

Subscribers by sector: Commercial Real Estate: 85%; Residential: 10%; and Retail: 5%.

Subscribers by profession: Developers, owners and investors: 22%; Commercial brokers and consultants: 28%; Architects and interior designers: 20%; General and Sub Contractors: 14%; Corporate Real Estate Executives: 8%; Lenders and Financial Brokers: 3%; Miscellaneous: 5%.

Digital visitors to Boston Real Estate Times:

Through Daily Digital Edition: 57.5%

Googles and other search engines: 23%

Linkedin: 7.9%

Facebook: 4.3%

Twitter: 2.65%

Apps: 2.6%

Misc.: 2.6%.

This is how you can maximize your experience with Boston Real Estate Times with just one click.


Tweeting is a just one click away on Boston Real Estate Times. Under the headline of any article, you will see social media icons. Take you cursor to Tweeter and click. You have tweeted the article with just one click.


If you want to share an article on Facebook, take your cursor on Facebook icon and click, and you have shared an article on Facebook.


You liked an article on Boston Real Estate Times and wanted to email to a friend or colleague, go towards the end of the article and you will see an email icon. Click on the icon, an email box will appear, type the email you want to send to, and click on send email. Your email will be delivered immediately to your colleague.


If you liked an article and wanted to share with your colleagues on Linkedin, please click on the Linkedin icon, and yes with just one click you have shared the article on your Linkedin page.

Monthly Summits

Boston Real Estate Times hosts monthly breakfast summit each month on different topics. To see the full calendar, please click here.

Print Edition

We recently launched our monthly print edition, which focuses more on lifestyle of real estate executives, special reports and features. Click here to see our complete media kit.

Other important tips:

  • If you want to be published in Boston Real Estate Times, please email all your press and news releases to [email protected]. Releases should be accompanied with good quality pictures and art work. Our website is designed to be visually impactful, and pictures, especially in the commercial real industry, are important. In addition to announcements of new projects and their completions, new deals and promotions of executives and hires of new executives, we are also looking forward to submissions of articles on timely topics.
  • Daily Edition: Our subscribers receive a daily digest of key local real estate news in their email box. They can read the headline, view the picture, read the gist of the article or click on the link to read the whole articles. It is all free. No pop-up ads, no wait, no signups, no strings attached.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Our site is well optimized for searches on the Internet. For example, if Boston Real Estate Times has published an article and if it has your or your company’s name in it, it is most likely that the article will show up on Google News search or other search engines if you type your company’s name.
  • Marketing and Branding: Our social media tools can be used to as a tool for content marketing with a simple click. We also offer selected advertising banners on the front page of website. These banners are power tools and linked directly to your website, to bring your potential customers directly to your page. Our introductory costs are very effective and can be as little as $600 to $1,200 per month.
  • Calendar of Events: We have created a calendar of events where we will be posting all real estate and related events with complete information that can be directly uploaded to your personal or business calendar. You can also submit events you are organizing.

We hope you continue to enjoy Boston Real Estate Times and share with your friends and colleagues.