JM Coull Welcomes New Assistant Project Manager

Mike Deleppo

Maynard, MA – JM Coull Inc. announced that Mike Deleppo has recently joined JMC as an
Assistant Project Manager.

Mike started his career in real estate as a residential broker. From there he branched out into real estate consulting as a commercial and residential property inspector. Mike was responsible for training and managing eight other inspectors in the northeast at his former company. During this time, he passed the NHIE (National Home Inspectors Exam). This test is known for its difficulty, very low pass rate (tends to be only 50-55% each year), and strict testing guidelines.

His determination to achieve this goal is a testament to the level of commitment he brings to his work.

Mike has always had an avid interest in construction, whether it be residential or commercial, and decided to pursue construction management as the next step in his already ambitious career. Mike remarked “I’m really excited for the change in my career path and the opportunity to learn from the incredibly knowledgeable people at JMC. So far everyone I have met has been great.”