How Shifting Healthcare Ideals Affect Hospital Construction


BRONX, N.Y. — In the past years, there have been numerous changes in the way the healthcare industry operates ranging from consolidation of hospitals to emerging technology trends. To expand on this idea, medical real estate developers, Simone Health, discusses how shifting healthcare ideals are affecting hospital construction.

  • Patient-Centric Model. Shifting healthcare ideals have brought to the table a patient-centric model that has become increasingly preferred. A patient-centric approach refers to the care within the medical facilities being more patient centered and oriented, focusing primarily on patient interaction, wants and needs. Connecting with the patient before any treatment boosts positive healthcare experiences and improves the effectivity of healthcare efforts.
  • Mixed-Use Facilities. Mixed-use facilities combine several residential and commercial businesses into one single property. These facilities would prompt a down-sizing of the scale a major healthcare facility would require, but the shift would also bring about a more efficient and attentive level of patient care.
  • Community Based Care. Unique live-in programs, such as community-based care, are healthcare solutions aimed to provide individuals with quality attention within the comfort of their own home, if needed. This type of care is extremely patient directed and includes everything from nursing, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. Community based care would lessen, but not eliminate the need for a physical healthcare institution.
  • Ambulatory Clinics. Outpatient, or ambulatory care, is healthcare provided outside of the typical hospital setting for those in need of consultation, observation, or treatment. Ambulatory clinics are introducing cost savings that also come with equal or improved overall quality of care. This type of care has been shown to deliver improved surgical outcomes for patients due to shorter recovery times and reduced risk of surgical complications, but this approach can also suggest a large cost-saving opportunity for hospitals.

As the healthcare industry continues to rapidly grow and expand, so do their commonly held ideals. Stay up to date on how these shifting healthcare ideals are affecting the overall hospital construction process for the upcoming years.