Harte Hanks to Expand it East Coast Fulfillment Center


Chelmsford, MA– Harte Hanks Inc. announced an extension of its occupancy at the East Bridgewater, Mass. fulfillment center until 2030.

Situated at 600 North Bedford Street, just 30 miles south of Boston, this facility is poised for a transformative renovation to enhance operational efficiency and accommodate future growth.

“For two decades, we’ve been deeply rooted in this community, leveraging this strategic location to efficiently serve our East Coast clientele with next-day delivery,” stated Pat O’Brien, Managing Director of Fulfillment and Logistics at Harte Hanks. “As we chart our path forward, we see East Bridgewater and our talented employees as pivotal to our expansion plans, and we extend our gratitude to Equity Industrial Partners for collaborating with us to modernize this facility to meet our evolving needs.”

The renovation project encompasses a reconfiguration of the building layout to optimize workflows, increase service capacities, and potentially generate up to 50 new employment opportunities in addition to the current workforce of approximately 150 employees.

Scheduled for completion in the first half of 2024, the enhancements include improving operational flow by connecting two primary fulfillment buildings, doubling product capacity by raising the roof of the main building, transitioning enclosed office spaces to an open-concept design, and refreshing the exterior façade of the building and adding new signage. These modifications will significantly augment production and fulfillment capabilities, with the final square footage projected to reach approximately 224,000.

Anticipating substantial growth in its fulfillment operations, Harte Hanks offers an array of services including custom kitting, print-on-demand, product recall support, trade marketing fulfillment, e-commerce product fulfillment, sampling programs, and freight optimization. Notable clients benefiting from these services include Unilever, Mass Financial, and Samsung.

By fortifying its presence in Massachusetts and investing in the expansion and modernization of its East Bridgewater facility, Harte Hanks reaffirms its commitment to delivering unparalleled customer experiences and driving sustainable growth in the region.