Goya Foods Opens Major New Building in Webster

Goya Foods

Boylston, MA— RP Masiello Inc. announced the completion of a new 130,000 sq.ft. building for the Goya Foods regional operations campus in Webster, MA. The new facility is a bulk distribution center with room-temperature and freezer storage sections for many of Goya’s products.

The new distribution center is the sixth building RP Masiello has constructed for Goya Foods in Webster since 1989. Goya Foods is North America’s largest distributor of Latino cuisine and the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States.

“Over the years we have built a great relationship with the Unanue family, who own and operate Goya Foods,” said David Masiello, president of RP Masiello. “Through our many projects, we have spent a lot of time at the Goya headquarters in New Jersey, and I’m so impressed with the level of enthusiasm and spirit that everyone in the company has. That kind of workplace spirit starts at the top, with the genuine commitment of the Unanue family.”

Construction of the new building began in October of 2021, with extensive site work and removal of a significant amount of ledge to create a level pad for the new building. The new building directly connects with another warehouse and office facility RP Masiello previously built for Goya so the new work had to occur without disrupting ongoing Goya operations.

From the start of Goya’s presence in Webster, RP Masiello has been their design/construction partner. In addition to all the construction, the RP Masiello team helped Goya identify the site in Webster and work through the myriad local and state permitting processes needed to develop the campus.