Craig Chisholm of JM Electrical Appointed as the Construction Financial Management Association’s Board President

Craig Chisholm

BOSTON – JM Electrical announced that Craig Chisholm has been appointmented as President of the Board for the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) New Hampshire Chapter.

With his extensive background as the Director of Finance at JM Electrical and as an 11-year army veteran, Chisholm brings a wealth of financial expertise and leadership experience to this esteemed nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the educational needs of construction financial professionals.

Chisholm’s career has been marked by diligence and a relentless pursuit of excellence, embodying the CFMA’s core values and mission to support financial professionals within the commercial construction industry. The CFMA New Hampshire Chapter, founded in 2017, currently boasts more than 50 active members and offers a network for financial professionals within the commercial construction sector. This relationship-driven chapter offers opportunities for professionals to learn and grow together in a tight-knit organization, promoting personal and professional growth and fostering a diverse peer network unique to the construction financial management association.

Regarding his new role, Chisholm stated, “Something a drill sergeant said to me many times that I’ve applied to life, ‘Move with a purpose.’ In my capacity as President of the CFMA New Hampshire Chapter Board, I aim to do just that—steer our organization with purpose and drive to enhance the educational and networking opportunities we offer to construction financial professionals.”

Craig Chisholm’s appointment as President of the CFMA New Hampshire Chapter Board is a testament to his dedication to excellence and leadership in the construction financial industry. JM Electrical, known for its commitment to safety, quality, and accountability, proudly supports Chisholm’s appointment and values his contributions to the industry.