Building Trades Employer’s Association Boston Rebrands as BTEA Northeast


Century Old Association Ushers New Era of Unionized Construction

BOSTON- Building Trades Employer’s Association (BTEA) Boston has rebranded as BTEA Northeast. The move comes after the association has grown to serve all of Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and portions of upstate New York.

“BTEA Northeast is proud to be the leading voice for the union building trades contractor throughout New England and beyond,” said Albert J. Welch III, the organization’s President. “Throughout the last few decades, our impact on the national industry has grown, and this re-brand reflects that momentum,” he concluded.

Headquartered in Braintree, Massachusetts, BTEA Northeast encompasses seven different area trade associations that employ tradespeople from eight different local building trades unions. The organization’s labor committees negotiate with 14 different trades covering over 85 different local unions in the northeast region.

“We are excited to re-brand our organization, as BTEA Northeast continues to grow in our impact and influence within the construction industry,” said Thomas J. Gunning, the organization’s Executive Director. “We look forward to continuing to build important partnerships and serve as an important advocate for our growing membership,” he stated.

“For almost 100 years, the BTEA has made a positive impact on the construction industry, while maintaining healthy and prosperous relations between labor and management,” said Thomas S. Gunning, Director of Labor Relations of BTEA Northeast. “Our members have continued a collaborative working environment in which contractors and tradespeople can work in partnership to build the Northeast’s most complex projects, while creating jobs and stimulating our local economies.”