Agilent Announces Launch of Global Biomarker Pathologist Training Program


SANTA CLARA, Calif. Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the launch of the Biomarker Pathologist Training Program, a global initiative created to empower pathologists to score biomarkers accurately and confidently. Developed by Agilent – a worldwide leader in developing and commercializing diagnostic products – this training program incorporates Agilent’s unique expertise in companion diagnostics and partnership with top pharmaceutical companies.

Biomarker testing has profoundly influenced the practice of both pathology and oncology today. Targeted therapies have seen more than 30% increase from 2019, and more than 50% of targeted therapies currently in clinical trials are being co-developed with a predictive biomarker [1][2]. The Agilent Biomarker Pathologist Training Program will enable pathologists to gain confidence with scoring methodologies to enable the pursuit of the right treatment for patients.

“We are excited to successfully launch the Agilent Biomarker Pathologist Training Program to further support our efforts in the fight against cancer,” said Simon Oestergaard, general manager and vice president of Pathology at Agilent. “This program will allow pathologists to learn and practice scoring techniques, to gain the necessary confidence and competence to accurately score biomarker cases in their own laboratories. Combined with Agilent’s high-quality pathology staining solutions this training program will help ensure pathologists can score cases with high concordance.”

The program, which will initially be available in Europe and North America, followed by China and Asia, utilizes a digital platform, Pathcore Scholar, where attendees can navigate both standard and challenging cases. For Agilent products with approved indications, the training, supports Agilent biomarkers only and will provide strategies and best practices for delivering optimal scoring results, which will in turn improve patient outcomes. Training will be offered at different levels, from basic to advanced, and both in-person and remotely, to address individual training requirements.