9 of the 25 Largest Women-Owned Businesses in Massachusetts are in Real Estate

Jane Kaplan Peck

BOSTON–Nine of the 25 largest women-owned businesses in Massachusetts are in real estate, according to Boston Business Journal.

The women-owned business were ranked by total 2019 revenue by Boston Business Journal. Here is the ranking of real estate-related firms:

Carole Wedge

# 5: Shepley Bulfinch, Revenue: $51.14 million; national architecture and design firm; primary woman owner: Carol Wedge. CEO.

#6: Kaplan Construction, Revenue: $49.50 million; general contractor and construction management; primary woman owner: Jane Kaplan Peck, COO.

#7: Bald Hill Builders, Revenue: $43.00 million; commercial general contractor and construction management services specialist; Brenda Laurenza, Preident.

#8: Maloney Properties Inc., Revenue: $38.98 million; property management company Janet Frazier, President and CEO.

#10: Tantara Corp., Revenue: $38.50 million; environmental and site site civil construction services; Dawn Dearborn, Founder & CEO.

#16: Nitsch Engineering, Revenue: $19.23 million; civil engineering, land surveying, transportation engineering and structural engineering; Lisa Brothers, CEO; and Judith Nitsch, Founding Principal.

#19: S+H Construction Inc, Revenue: $14.10 million; residential renovation and construction projects; Sarah Lawson, President and Owner.

#22: Metro Equipment Corp., Revenue: $10.90 million; construction comany specializing into work and site utilities; Ann Sullivan, President and CEO.

#24: Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype Inc, Revenue: $10.67 million; architecture and interior design firm; Carolyn Hendrie, President.