ULI Receives $10 Million Donation to Promote Sustainability in Real Estate

Randall Lewis
WASHINGTON– Real estate executive Randall Lewis donated $10 million to the Urban Land Institute (ULI), the largest single donation in ULI’s 86-year history to date, to fund the organization’s efforts to make the built environment more sustainable.
“We are grateful for the trust that Randall has in ULI to effectively mobilize its resources, including our 45,000 members, to make a visible difference on these important issues,” said Ed Walter, ULI Global CEO.
In supporting ULI’s sustainability center, Lewis sees an opportunity to impact three crucial issues — building resilience against effects of climate change, creating healthier places for people to live and work, and reducing carbon emissions — in a holistic way.
Lewis’ gift will take ULI’s sustainability efforts to the next level as it delivers on its mission priority to decarbonize the real estate sector and accelerate the path to net zero.
“With this funding, we can tackle the most pressing sustainability challenges in our industry as they arise, helping our members understand the challenges and develop solutions they can apply in their organizations,” commented Billy Grayson, Executive Vice President for Centers and Initiatives at ULI.