Timberline Project Development Director Tiffany Gallo Enjoys Dealing With Challenging Projects

Tiffany Gallo

BOSTON—When Tiffany Gallo was young, she was an Irish step dancer. Now, she works in the design and construction industry, with a focus on estimating, relationship management and project management.

Three of her company’s most recent projects were recently awarded ENR Best Regional Projects honors, which includes BJ’s Wholesale headquarters in Marlborough, bluebird bio in Somerville and a multi-family, historic housing conversion in Attleboro.

Some of Ms. Gallo’s recent projects include a design-build, ground-up project for Malden Catholic, which will be an academic and athletic facility, as well as a ground-up Performance Center for Acushnet, the parent company to Titleist and FootJoy.

“Although a straightforward project is nice, I really enjoy it when there is a challenge, something to overcome, a creative solution that is needed,” says Ms. Gallo, who serves as Vice President, Director of Business & Project Development at Timberline Construction. “Seeing our team come together and work hard to figure out the solution and then seeing the final product is what I enjoy most about my job.”

Ms. Gallo will be honored as the Outstanding Women of Commercial Real Estate 2024 by the Boston Real Estate Times on Feb. 22, 2024 at its Annual Awards gala at the Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA. To register for the gala, please click here.

With a passion and dedication of guiding concepts and ideas into physical projects, Ms. Gallo works closely with her firm’s Estimating and Preconstruction teams to meet client’s goals, while managing cost and schedule. Throughout her career, she has worked on a wide range of project types, including renovations, design-build and ground-up for academic, corporate industrial, healthcare, multi-family residential, senior living, life science and technology clients.

Timberline was founded in 2002 and has quickly grown to become one of the most respected construction managers in New England. Whether it’s a phased interior fit-out in an active corporate office building, new construction or renovation to an R&D facility, Timberline is able to bring the resources, experience and team required to ensure your project’s success.

Boston Real Estate Times: What do you enjoy most about your work?

Tiffany Gallo: Although a straightforward project is nice, I really enjoy it when there is a challenge, something to overcome, a creative solution that is needed.  Seeing our team come together and work hard to figure out the solution and then seeing the final product is what I enjoy most about my job.

BRET: What do success and failure mean to you?

TG: Success and failure are not just simply wins and losses.  Even though you may fail at something, your expectations set for yourself may have been higher than most, I would rather set my expectations high.

In my opinion, if you put forth your best effort and use the experience to learn something, I believe there is an element of success in any venture even if it may be labeled as a failure.

BRET: What is the one thing you attribute your success to?

TG: I have been very lucky to have great mentors throughout my career, they have always provided me the support and motivation to grow.  This mentorship partnered with the support of my family has attributed to my success.

BRET: To which charitable, community and professional groups do you belong and why?

TG: A few local groups I enjoy working with because they are focused on youth development and education, are the EcoTarium and Rainbow Child Development.  It is also important to me to assist in strengthening the Massachusetts economy which is why I am a board member for MassEcon.

BRET: In what way do you feel you have most positively influenced or served the local community, your company/organization or professional field?

TG: Whether it is in my local community or in my professional life, I hope my passion for developing, building, creating helps influence and motivates others.

BRET: Is there any aptitude, gift or talent that not many people know about you?

TG: People may not know that when I was younger, I was an Irish Step Dancer.

BRET: What are your hobbies and interests?

 TG: Any activity that involves being outside in the warm sun is for me!

BRET: Your favorite books?

TG: I do not have a favorite book, but I gravitate towards any sort of book that allows me to escape and really dive into a story.

BRET: Your favorite quotes?

TG: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky

BRET: The one person you would like to meet and why?

TG: There are many people I would love to meet but I think it would be cool to meet Walt Disney.  He was a visionary, entrepreneur, pioneer in the animation industry and able to create an entertainment and hospitality empire.

BRET: Your core values you try to live by?

TG: To Be Accountable.

BRET: What inspires you?

TG: What we do every day has such a major impact. The facilities we create provide services like educational centers, life science development, workplaces, residential, all if done well provide a better quality of life.