TAE Life Sciences and Neuboron Medtech Announce Joint Venture Aimed at Facilitating Boron Neutron Capture Therapy Development for Cancer Treatment


FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TAE Life Sciences (TLS) today announces a new joint venture (JV) agreement with Neuboron Medtech (Neuboron) for the widespread adoption of Accelerator-based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (AB-BNCT) for the treatment of invasive, recurrent and difficult to treat cancers. Under the agreement, TLS becomes the second shareholder in Neuboron Therapy System (NTS), originally a wholly owned subsidiary of Neuboron.

Each day, 50,000 people are diagnosed with cancer worldwide, and the ability to provide a unique approach to deliver targeted therapy with biological precision is critical. This agreement is expected to further expand NTS’s influence and speed up the deployment of Neuboron’s AB-BNCT system.

Established in 2017, NTS has obtained Neuboron’s IP and technology licenses in the field of AB-BNCT. Through TLS’s new capital contribution, NTS becomes an equity joint venture with international capital. The business scope of NTS covers research, development, manufacturing, system integration, clinical trials, market accesses and sales of AB-BNCT system.

AB-BNCT is a powerful alternative cancer treatment to traditional radiotherapy and other particle therapies because it delivers targeted radiation selectively to cancer cells and spares surrounding healthy tissue. BNCT has demonstrated compelling responses for some of the most difficult to treat cancers and has been successful in treating cancer patients for whom other treatment options have been exhausted. Typically, patients only need to undergo 1 or 2 treatments with BNCT vs. dozens with conventional therapies. This provides patients with greater flexibility in their treatment regimen as well as enhance efficiency of the cancer center.

“China is one of the largest market opportunities for BNCT. Our partnership with Neuboron Therapy System includes delivering our accelerator-based neutron system and has the potential to transform the cancer therapy landscape. BNCT provides a new treatment modality for patients diagnosed with the most aggressive and recurrent cancers like gliomas, head and neck tumors, and melanomas,” said Bruce Bauer, Chief Executive Officer of TAE Life Sciences. “We have found a true partner in NTS as we both work toward the common goal to enable AB-BNCT to become a first-line treatment for patients globally.”