Svigals + Partners Blends Modern Style with Magnetic Warmth in New Research Headquarters

NEW HAVEN, CONN– Architecture, art and advisory firm Svigals + Partners announced the completion of the first phase of a new headquarters for protein sequencing company Quantum-Si in Branford, Conn.
The new research laboratory and modern workplace, which will soon consolidate two prior facilities into a single, technologically advanced research base, welcomes scientists and diverse employees in a warm, inviting setting that merges the firm’s technical edge and crisp style with engaging art, branding, and collaborative work opportunities.
The multidisciplinary team at Svigals + Partners worked to create the highly efficient, comfortable headquarters to meet all of Quantum-Si’s needs, following a programming exercise and prior test-fit for the client in a different location. When fully built out the design firm’s work will extend to even more workspaces and dedicated facilities for employee training, storage, and warehouse area.
With a portfolio developed over 40 years, Svigals + Partners drew from a well-honed process to envision the home base for Quantum-Si’s team of scientists, researchers, engineers, and other staff. With this phase completed, nearly 20,000 square feet of space in the low-key, business park setting is opened to create the bright work setting, including common areas, private offices, and touchdown spaces. Accommodating sensitive, cutting-edge equipment for both wet and dry laboratories, the new headquarters offers a springboard for Quantum-Si’s anticipated growth trajectory and its core system, Platinum™, the world’s first next-generation single-molecule protein sequencing platform.
The open interiors present the Quantum-Si team with a healthy, easy-to-adapt environment equipped with key conveniences and safety features, from flexible lab benches and adjustable lighting systems to highly efficient fume hoods and mechanical systems. Highlights include an instrument farm – a showpiece workspace of over 60 devices used in their research – as well as a microscope room, machine shop, and clean room for the company’s laser team. Other enclosed zones accommodate specialized areas for robotics, and tissue culture work. Drawing employees and scientists into the 10,000 square feet of lab and research space are magnetic work and collaboration zones: The glass walls surrounding the instrument farm, for example, are punctuated by vertical slats of light- and dark-toned wood, adding dynamism for occupants arriving via an adjacent corridor.
For both employees and visiting customers and partners, the headquarters is designed to establish the company firmly in the tech-heavy region, as well as to showcase their unparalleled technology. “Centralizing the instrument farm in such a highly viewable location makes it a real centerpiece of both Quantum-Si’s operation as well as whole headquarters experience,” says Alana Konefal, AIA, Associate Principal with Svigals + Partners. “Visitors entering into the main reception area, and those elsewhere in the headquarters, instantly recognize the importance of that technology hub, bringing Quantum-Si’s innovation story forward to connect visually with everyone who visits.”