Studio G Architects Selected as Architect for Shaker Lane Elementary School

Gail Sullivan

LITTLETON, MA– Studio G Architects announced its selection as the architect for the Shaker Lane Elementary School project in partnership with Littleton Public Schools (LPS).

Following a rigorous evaluation process conducted by the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA), Studio G Architects emerged as the ideal candidate to lead this transformative project.

The Shaker Lane Elementary School Feasibility Study marks a significant opportunity for Littleton and LPS to reimagine educational spaces and cultivate an inclusive environment conducive to differentiated learning and teaching. With over three decades of experience, Studio G Architects brings a wealth of expertise in designing innovative, sustainable, and community-centric educational facilities that align seamlessly with the school’s vision for educational excellence.

“Studio G is proud to partner with Littleton Public Schools on the transformation of Shaker Lane Elementary School,” said Gail Sullivan, Managing Principal at Studio G Architects. “Our mission aligns seamlessly with the school’s commitment to providing a secure, inviting, and success-oriented environment that meets the diverse needs of every student.”

The partnership between Studio G Architects and the Littleton community underscores a commitment to inclusive community engagement. Studio G Architects will actively involve students, teachers, parents, and residents in the design process to ensure that the project reflects the values, priorities, and aspirations of the community.

“Robust community engagement contributes significantly to a successful project,” said Meryl Nistler, Senior Project Manager at Studio G Architects. “We’re excited to hear from residents to understand their goals for a reimagined Shaker Lane Elementary School, which is the first public school experience for Littleton’s children and shapes their educational journey.”

“We are excited to embark on this journey with Studio G Architects,” stated Kelly Clenchy, Superintendent of Schools. “Their dedication to community engagement and their proven track record in delivering sustainable, inclusive, and cost-effective designs make them an excellent fit to lead this significant project.”