SGA Receives “Rethinking the Future Awards 2022” for its Vertical Cluster Design

Credit: SGA

BOSTON & NEW YORK CITY—SGA, a national firm whose work spans architecture, interior design, planning, branded environments, virtual design, and construction, announced that the firm received “Rethinking the Future Awards 2022” for its Vertical Cluster design prototype.

The award was bestowed to an SGA-designed prototype complex called the Vertical Cluster, which is a proposed 24-story, 750,000-square-foot tower with wet/dry labs integrated into a glass office tower that will serve as the model for future life-sciences development in densely-populated cities like New York, Boston and Los Angeles.

“The vertical nature of the tower reflects local zoning and building codes, allowing SGA to stack the diverse programmatic needs typically found in a horizontal life sciences complex,” said the Rethinking the Future award committee.

The result is a contemporary facility that quite literally elevates the work of industry professionals and engenders a sense of community though deeply integrated vertical collaboration spaces.

Rethinking The Future Awards is a global award in the field of Architecture and Design.