Retail Energy Benchmarking Study Helps Retailers Reduce Energy Costs


DALLAS, TX – The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM), released its Energy Benchmarking Initiative Study. The study highlights the current benchmark of retail energy management practices as well as future opportunities to implement financially attractive energy efficiency projects.

The report also presents energy management alternatives such as green leases, negotiations at fit-up/renewal and ways to minimize common area maintenance (CAM) charges that help drive energy management activities.

“PRSM Association is becoming a leader in developing ways to improve energy management in Retail Facilities Management (FM) operations,” says Bill Yanek, CEO, PRSM. “We are committed to doing so because competent energy management, which includes sustainability, energy efficiency, carbon footprints and social responsibility, is critical to the success of FM operations.”

The study shows that while 62% of retailers use best practices in lighting, only 45% use best practices to manage HVAC energy usage. Overall the study reports that 50% of all retailers use some type of energy management best practice.

In addition, the study provides best practices in four core energy use areas – organizational energy management, lighting, HVAC and refrigeration. Each section related to those four areas also details strategies and technologies to guide effective energy decision making. When implemented properly, these best practices, strategies and technologies can simultaneously spur significant cost savings and improve the customer experience.