Residential developments worth $58.5 million in South Boston and East Boston move forward

246-248 Dorcheter Avenue

BOSTON–The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) Board of Directors approved three development projects at the January meeting. The projects represent $58.5 million of investment in the City of Boston, and will bring affordable and market-rate residential units to South Boston and East Boston, and a hotel to South Boston’s Dorchester Avenue, BPDA said in a statement.

The projects approved in January build on the significant progress the City of Boston continues to make to meet Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s goal of creating 53,000 new units of housing by 2030. Recommitting to making affordable homes a reality to support a strong middle class, Mayor Walsh announced his intention to increase the City’s targets for low-income homes, moderate-income homes, senior housing, and overall units during his inaugural address on January 1, 2018. In 2017, the City set new housing production records, with over 5,000 new homes permitted for construction, and more than 1,000 restricted to low- and moderate-income families.

With nearly 6,000 new residential units approved by the BPDA Board in 2017, strong permitting numbers are expected to continue as more of these units are built in 2018.

Development Projects

159 room hotel approved for 248 Dorchester Avenue in South Boston

Live: Public community space and public access to rooftop garden and restaurant
Work: 320 construction jobs, 50 permanent jobs
Connect: New accessible pedestrian sidewalk and bike path, LEED silver certifiable

246-248 Dorcheter Avenue

The 248 Dorchester Avenue project proposes the construction of up to 159 hotel rooms with 15,000 to 20,000 gross square feet of hospitality amenities to serve the neighborhood, including restaurant, lounge, event space and an outdoor deck, and on-site parking for 60 vehicles, all totaling 87,000 square feet. The project will also provide a design-forward development that will activate  Dorchester Avenue with enhanced pedestrian amenities and increased foot traffic attracting local residents, guests and visitors within a short walk from the West Broadway MBTA Station.

The hotel, which will include a base of five main levels over ground level lobby, commercial and garage space, will be topped by two additional levels for hospitality related amenity space to include outdoor seating, café/restaurant, swimming pool/fitness and banquet space on the seventh and eighth floors. The upper floors will be approximately 13,244 square feet. The current layout of the area supports the proposed scale and scope of the project proposal with several buildings of four to six stories in height, and the Macallen Building with a height of up to 10 stories at Dorchester Avenue and West Fourth Street.

187-191 & 211 Condor Street updates to bring 21 new homeownership units to Eagle Hill neighborhood of East Boston

Live: 21 new homeownership units, 3 affordable
Work: 50 construction jobs
Connect: Sidewalk and landscape improvement, 10 bike storage units

The proposed residential building at 211 Condor Street, originally approved in 2017, has been slightly revised to pull the new structure back from the edge of Condor Street, away from the waterfront along the Chelsea River. As a result, the building will be smaller. This update will include the reduction of two residential units bringing the building total to 12. The proposed unit mix will be three one-bedroom units and nine two-bedroom units. A reduction of approximately three off-street parking spaces will bring the total to 11. A reduction in the gross floor area of 2,665 square feet will result in a new gross floor area of approximately 13,955 square feet.

As a result of these changes, the proposed development will include the construction of two four-story residential buildings. The new buildings will altogether include 21 residential homeownership units, including three IDP units, and 22 off-street parking spaces. Additionally, the project will provide financial contributions to the Salesian Boys & Girls Club, Piers Park Sailing Center, and the Veronica Robles Cultural Center.

Approval of South Boston’s 20 West Fifth Street to generate 54 units of residential housing

Live: 54 residential units, 10 affordable, walking distance to MBTA Red Line
Work: 59 construction jobs
Connect: Sustainable building design, 54 bike storage units

The 20 West Fifth Street project proposes the construction of a 78,432 square foot, six -story residential building. The building will include approximately 54 residential units and 2,184 square feet of common room space. The residential units will include a mix of one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. A first floor parking garage, accessible from Gold Street, is also proposed to include approximately 41 parking spaces. Service vehicle access will be provided from West Fifth Street. The project site is surrounded by several abutting and nearby structures of four to six stories in height, and the Macallen Building with a height of six to ten stories. In addition to the physical project, the neighborhood will reap a number of community benefits such as expanded sidewalks on West Broadway outside Broadway Station.