Now Selling Home With Zero Commission to Sellers


AUSTIN, Texas–Top Offer, the first real estate broker in the United States to offer sellers a commission-free sale of their homes, launched at SXSW.

Top Offer enables sellers to save tens of thousands of dollars by selling their homes commission-free while benefiting from widespread marketing of their homes and full agent representation.

In addition, Top Offer primarily sells houses “as is,” eliminating many of the largest expenses sellers incur, such as remodeling, painting, and staging. Top Offer charges the home buyer a small fee, saving the seller 5% or more on the sale of their home.

In 2018, real estate sales generated $60 billion in commissions. Top Offer eliminates those fees to the homeowner, while providing full service and ensuring fair market value for their property. In addition, with Top Offer sellers are able to stay in their home for some time after closing.

“Top Offer disrupts the real estate industry, eliminating all of the commission costs to the seller, and mitigating incidental costs such as staging,” said Jason Buzi, Top Offer Founder & CEO.

The company is launching at the South by Southwest conference taking place in Austin, TX, where Buzi is introducing the venture as part of a panel. Buzi, the man behind the Hidden Cash phenomenon, will be hiding dozens of puzzle boxes around Greater Austin, each of which has a minimum value of $200, including a pure silver bar and cold hard CASH! Finders of the #TopOfferPuzzle boxes are encouraged to post photos and live videos on Instagram trying to solve/open them.

Top Offer is operating in California and Texas with expansion plans for Florida, New York, and Ohio by Summer 2019. For more information, visit