Modern Veterinary Group Bond Vet Set to Open 5 Clinics in Boston This Year

Photo credit: Tory Williams.

Boston – Modern Veterinary Group Bond Vet has announced it is opening several locations in the Boston area, its first expansion outside of New York City, where it opened in June 2019 and now boasts 11 locations.

Bond Vet is unique in the space for its approach to urgent care, filling an important niche in veterinary medicine between primary care and emergency care — open 365 days a year, Bond Vet can see patients in a timely manner to accommodate common issues like GI problems, wound care and more. In Spring 2022, Bond Vet will debut in Boston’s Seaport and at The Street Chestnut Hill.

“We pioneered the concept of urgent care in New York, and we’ve seen great traction — we’re clearly filling a need for modern pets and pet parents,” says Mo Punjani, co-founder and CEO of Bond Vet, which raised $170 million from Warburg Pincus in fall 2021 to bring Bond Vet’s services to more markets along the East Coast.

“Since we opened, we’ve innovated to meet the needs of our clients and patients, and we’re excited to bring our full suite of services — urgent care, primary care, telehealth, surgery, dental cleanings and more — to the pets of Boston,” says Punjani.

While the clinics have an innovative, pet-centered and tech-enabled design (powered by proprietary software), the primary emphasis will always be on compassionate care for both humans and pets. Bond Vet is highly focused on the health and well-being of our team-members, which in return helps in providing even better pet care. Happy team members make for better pet care experiences.

“It’s important to me that we’re constantly elevating the experience both for our team and our clients,” says Dr. Zay Satchu, co-founder and Chief Veterinary Officer, who brings unique experience as a veterinarian to her leadership at Bond. “We want to make a positive impact on the veterinary industry nationwide, so expanding beyond New York is a huge milestone for us and our mission.”

“Bond Vet is revolutionizing the veterinary industry with a modern approach to pet care that makes a trip to the vet more convenient, accessible and comfortable. By design, it also creates a warm and inviting space for pets and their owners to feel at ease. We look forward to offering such a wonderful, transparent and professional service to our community and are honored to be a part of Bond Vet’s story as it expands to the Boston area and finds a home in the Seaport neighborhood and at The Street Chestnut Hill,” says Todd Norley, Vice President of Leasing, WS Development.

Bond Vet is on a mission to strengthen the human-animal bond through better vet care. The company is redefining the veterinary industry with a focus on four key pillars:

Culture: Prioritizing the wellbeing of its care team, Bond Vet has built a positive, uplifting, collaborative culture to provide a caring environment for both pets and their people.
Service: Bond Vet offers friendly care, walk-in and same-day appointments, and affordable access to veterinary doctors and specialists with convenient hours (open 10am-8pm every day, even holidays) and transparent pricing. They also offer dental cleanings and surgeries.
Design: The minimalist, clean space is designed with both the human’s and pet’s comfort in mind, with warm tones, comfortable furniture, soothing lighting, and entertainment (toys for pets, books for humans).
Technology: Bond Vet’s in-house tech team has built a veterinary service platform that enables a smoother experience for clients and team alike, along with an app that provides access to medical records and our veterinary team 24/7.