Metro Boston Has an IT Job Share of 5.3%, While Professionals Working in This Sector Make $99,300 on Average, Pay 27 Percent on Rent

Photo courtesy: RentCafe

BOSTON–In Boston even high-earning technology professionals have a hard time keeping up with rising rental costs. According to analysis of the most recent BLS data by RENTCafe, IT wages in Boston metro saw a 0.4% decrease, while rents went up by 6.8%.

Here are a few highlights from the study:

  • Tech tenants in Boston metro spend 27% of their income on rents, $2,211 per month on average. However, two regions from top of major IT hot spots pay: San Francisco ($3,084 average rent – 30% of techie income spent on rental costs) and San Jose ($2,871 average rent – 27% of techie income spent on rental costs).
  • Boston boasts the eighth-largest share of employees in tech occupations on our list of the nation’s large IT hubs. Home to MIT and HubSpot, the metro has an IT job share of 5.3%, while professionals working in this sector make $99,300 on average.
  • While rental costs are on the rise here, Boston witnessed the lowest boost in IT jobs among the nation’s large tech hot spots – an increase of as little as 1.8% between 2014 and 2017. By comparison, Charlotte, NC, the star of emerging tech hubs, upped its number of IT employees by a staggering 37.5% over the same 3-year period.
Top Metros with Largest Share of Jobs in IT Wages and rents in the top 15 largest IT hubs (Source:

Data Source: BLS, Yardi MatrixJob Share – 2017 share of IT job; Jobs – IT Jobs in 2017; Average Wage – from 2017 adjusted to 2019; Wage Change –  from 2014 to 2017;  Rent Change – 2016 to 2019;