Mass Innovation Labs to lease the entire 21 Erie Street building


Cambridge, MA— Leading life sciences real estate developer BioMed Realty announced that Mass Innovation Labs will lease the entire 21 Erie Street building bringing the Sidney Research Campus to fully leased.

The building is located in the heart of Cambridge giving Mass Innovation Labs the ideal proximity to funding and talent for growing businesses. The office and lab will open in May 2018 and will include a long term lease of the 52,000 square feet space.

Since opening its doors in Kendall Square in May of 2015, Mass Innovation Labs has provided biopharmaceutical and life sciences companies of all sizes laboratory and office space that is customized and scalable to meet their exact needs. Mass Innovation Labs’ dedicated staff helps companies build out space quickly, often in in a matter of weeks, to get research and discovery up and running. This turnkey program has been home to some of the most successful emerging life sciences companies in recent years, including Editas Medicine and CRISPR Therapeutics, with member companies securing more than $5 billion in funding. BioMed Realty’s expertise in the top life sciences cluster in the nation complements Mass Innovation Labs’ efforts in providing premium support and services to emerging and mature companies alike.

“We’re happy to have Mass Innovation Labs as a continued turn-key scientific accelerator partner and Cambridge resident. With 21 Erie’s location, it is ideal for exploring opportunities with local talent, partnerships and funding for evolving companies,” said Morgan Weinstein, Senior Director at BioMed Realty. “This lease with Mass Innovation Labs completes the transformation of the Sidney Research Campus from a single-tenant property to a 343,000+ square foot vibrant, multi-tenant campus in two years.”

“Our move into the Sidney Research Campus is a tremendous opportunity for us to expand our mission of supporting biopharmaceutical and life sciences companies in bringing game changing products to market faster,” said Amrit Chaudhuri, CEO and co-founder of Mass Innovation Labs. “From gene editing therapies to the next frontier of cancer research and cures, our member companies have achieved major milestones while working with the Mass Innovation Labs team. Our move into this new space is validation that our program works, and offers companies a critical edge in this highly competitive industry.”

Mass Innovation Labs provides a wide spectrum of services including space design, enterprise IT, intellectual property support, human resources, waste management among many others.