Marc Margulies Named President of Wharf District Council


BOSTON – Wharf District Council (WDC), a non-profit neighborhood association representing key stakeholder segments of Boston’s Wharf District neighborhood, announced that Marc Margulies, FAIA, LEED AP, has been named president of the organization. Serving residential and business interests, the Wharf District Council works to promote awareness of this unique and evolving Boston neighborhood and serves as the voice of the people who live, work and visit the District. Beginning his term on December 15, Margulies, a senior partner at Margulies Perruzzi Architects, assumes the role of president from founding Council member and long-time president Justin (Jerry) Wyner.

Marc Margulies

“Jerry has been involved in the Greater Boston community for over 60 years, and an integral part of the Wharf District’s evolution for 17 years. He leaves a legacy of vision, optimism, and neighborly collaboration among people from every aspect of city government, the business community, and city residents,” said Margulies. “Because of Jerry’s leadership and dedication to this community, the Wharf District Council has played a pivotal and public role in making the Wharf District a great place to live and work. I am inspired by Jerry’s tenure and aim to continue his lasting legacy of advocating for the Wharf District.”

The WDC covers a half-mile swath of waterfront from Long Wharf southward to the new Atlantic Wharf complex, including the Rose Kennedy Greenway Park parcels within the area boundaries south of Christopher Columbus Park, and the area extending westward to Congress Street in downtown Boston. Unlike more traditional residential neighborhoods in Boston, the Wharf District is home to condominium associations, hotels, businesses, and cultural institutions such as the New England Aquarium. The Council is comprised of representatives from each stakeholder segment, who meet to address neighborhood views, concerns and issues, build working relationships with each other and city government agencies, and work as an advisory board to the city on municipal affairs including zoning and planning projects within the District.

The WDC evolved from the Wharf District Task Force, which was established in 2002 during the demolition of the Central Artery and the creation of the Rose Kennedy Greenway to represent the community on the Mayor’s Central Artery Completion Task Force. Outgoing WDC President Jerry Wyner and current WDC Executive Director Susanne Lavoie both served as representatives on the Wharf District Task Force where they were instrumental in advocating for increased green space along the Greenway and the Broad Street extension. Wyner became president and Lavoie became executive director of the Wharf District Council, which was incorporated in 2010.

“I am proud of the many accomplishments that the Wharf District Council has achieved, most notably unifying the neighborhood, gaining respect and trust as an organization, and striving for positive consensus from all stakeholders of our community,” said Wyner. “From the beginning, our goal for the WDC was to collaboratively work on the issues impacting this very special place – the Wharf District. Under Marc Margulies’ leadership, that community work towards positive change and improvement is more critical than ever. The Wharf District faces significant challenges with the future of the Northern Avenue bridge and dangerously increasing traffic that impedes emergency vehicles, access to businesses, and desirability of the neighborhood as a place to live and work.”

Issues currently facing the Wharf District neighborhood include the development of the Municipal Harbor Plan (commissioned by the Mayor of Boston and the Boston Redevelopment Authority), district zoning and future changes, increasing traffic congestion, and neighborhood quality of life issues including protecting the neighborhood as bars and restaurants increase in the area. The WDC serves as the community’s voice with the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the Boston City Council, the Boston Police Department, City of Boston Mayor’s Office, Neighborhood Services, Licensing Boards, and the Public Improvement Commission.

About the Wharf District Council
The Wharf District Council is a 501(C)4 non-profit organization comprised of representatives from neighborhood condominium residences, non-profit institutions and businesses. It serves as the voice of the community in matters that require analysis, a community opinion, and/or action. Meetings are monthly and include voting members and alternates, as well as non-voting participants from key stakeholder organizations that impact the Wharf District.