Kura Sushi Opens First New England Location of Revolving Sushi Bar Concept at Arsenal Yards


Watertown – Boylston Properties and Wilder are excited to announce that Kura Sushi will bring its high-tech sushi experience to Arsenal Yards in Watertown – the first New England location for the Japanese brand.

The unique and immersive “Kura Experience” offers a revolving selection of sushi on a conveyor belt that cruises by each table, enabling guests to pluck their desired dish off the belt. Expected to open in summer 2021 within a 2,800 square foot store, diners will be able to also place an order via a touchscreen panel at their seat and have their selections delivered directly to their table.

“Kura Sushi is a spectacularly popular and creative global dining experience that we are thrilled to bring to the Arsenal Yards community,” said Bill McQuillan, Principal at Boylston Properties. “In our efforts to create a true urban village, we hope this eclectic array of restaurants will offer a little something for everyone. Kura Sushi is an ideal addition to the already exceptional Arsenal Yards line-up of diverse cuisines.”

With 24 locations in the U.S., and more than 450 locations in Japan and Taiwan, Kura Sushi offers traditional Japanese cuisine made with the freshest premium ingredients. The restaurant adds a modern twist to the dining experience with interactive, futuristic features from the minute the guest is seated until their last plate is finished. Guests receive “Bikkura Pon” prizes for every 15 sushi plates consumed and are entertained by animated videos for every five plates dropped into the plate disposal slot at every booth or seat. Containing sensors that correlate with the touchscreen technology, the plate slots are embedded with a chip that uses Kura Sushi’s patented Mr. Freshᵀᴹ system. This plate-tracking method ensures ventilated lids keep food always fresh and delicious.

“We are delighted to join Arsenal Yards and introduce the Kura Sushi experience to New England,” said Hitomi Vinciguerra, PR Manager, Kura Sushi USA. “Our offering of traditional Japanese cuisine served in a modern way will be a truly unique experience for friends and families in Watertown and beyond in Greater Boston.”

Continuously offering seasonal dishes and themed menus throughout the year, Kura Sushi’s menu includes a wide array of popular sushi selections including nigiri, rolls, hand rolls, desserts and more. Guests can choose from 140 items including items from the on-demand menu that are sent to diners on an express conveyor belt. Guests of all ages will delight in the dessert offerings including the Japanese signature Taiyaki Ice Cream featuring a freshly made fish-shaped pastry filled with sweetened azuki beans paired with ice cream.

“We love that Kura Sushi uses a modern approach to delighting its guests, and it is perfectly in sync with our mission to infuse Arsenal Yards with fresh, creative energy,” said Ryan Feinberg, Director, Leasing, at Wilder. “Innovative restaurants like Kura Sushi add to the fun experiences that families and visitors of all ages will find at Arsenal Yards.”