Healthcare Development Firm Discusses the Benefits of Mixed-Use Healthcare Facilities


BRONX, N.Y. — In order to help medical organizations make the most of the space they have available, hospital construction company, Simone, discusses the benefits of mixed-use healthcare facilities.

As the science behind medicine has advanced, healthcare providers have become more and more specialized. This has generally led to better outcomes for patients, but also tends to fracture treatment across different locations – making it difficult for many to receive treatment from multiple providers. Mixed-use healthcare facilities provide a potential solution to this conundrum and lead to a more convenient and efficient healthcare experience as a whole.

Discussed below are a few of the major benefits that these mixed-use facilities provide.

Outpatient Growth. While major hospitals usually have everything that patients need under one roof, providing comprehensive inpatient care is expensive for the healthcare facility and patient alike. One of the major benefits of a mixed-use building is the potential for outpatient growth, offering a valuable alternative to the hospital for patients that need treatment from multiple specialists but don’t require the attention of an inpatient stay. Healthcare organizations can grow their base of outpatients through a convenient facility that affords easy access to quality care.

Increased Job Opportunities. A mixed-use facility requires providers across a variety of different specialties as well as nursing and support staff to keep operations running efficiently. These “all-in-one” buildings offer better convenience and comfort to patients while also opening up a lot of job opportunities in the surrounding areas.

More Efficient and Attentive Care. A traditional hospital certainly serves a critical role in the community, but providers in these facilities are often dealing with many patients who require frequent monitoring – reducing the amount of time a doctor or nurse can spend with each individual patient. A mixed-use facility that provides an alternative to inpatient care gives providers more time to attend to the needs of patients, improving the patient experience and actively engaging them in the treatment process.

A facility that doesn’t require the same staffing or equipment as a hospital can also lead to significant cost savings for the healthcare organization by freeing up resources for critical patients and offering better support for lucrative outpatient business.

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