Freudenheim Partners Negotiates 16-Acre Land Lease for Sublime Systems in Holyoke


Boston- Freudenheim Partners announces the successful facilitation of a land lease
agreement covering 16 acres in Holyoke, MA.

Sublime Systems, developers of a fossil-fuel-free, scalable, drop-in replacement for conventional cement in concrete, has finalized an agreement for 16 acres in Holyoke’s Flats
neighborhood on Water Street.

The site, formerly occupied by paper mills, now harnesses Holyoke’s robust hydroelectric resources—a crucial component for Sublime’s fully electrified cement manufacturing process.

Anticipating the commissioning of its Holyoke facility as early as 2026, Sublime plans to produce tens of thousands of tons per year of its low-carbon Sublime Cement™ at this site. The production will adhere to a “true zero” approach, eliminating the use of fossil fuels or decomposing limestone, the primary emissions sources in traditional highpolluting cement manufacturing.

This strategic expansion allows Sublime to expand its customer base and fully retire its scale-up risk before constructing a one-million-ton-per-year-capacity plant, equivalent in size to traditional cement manufacturing plants.

Anthony Biette and Leigh Freudenheim represented Sublime Systems in facilitating this transaction.

“Sublime’s innovative mission marks a significant milestone for the city of Holyoke and Massachusetts as it establishes its inaugural location,” stated Anthony Biette, Executive Vice President at Freudenheim Partners. “From the outset, our collaboration with state and city administration was paramount to ensuring that substantial economic opportunities emanate from its commercial expansion in the city. Given Holyoke’s industrial legacy, it’s an ideal opportunity to become a beacon for clean tech and the manufacturing of the future.”

“We are thrilled to have worked closely with Freudenheim Partners to secure this pivotal site,” remarked Sublime Systems CEO and Co-Founder Leah Ellis.”Their expertise and dedication have been instrumental in laying the foundation for our first commercial scale-up in Holyoke, where we are excited to bring new clean manufacturing jobs as we scale production of our low-carbon cement.”