Finegold Alexander Architects Awarded J.V. Fletcher Library Renovation and Expansion Project

Ellen Anselone, AIA, LEED; Principal/VP, Finegold Alexander Architects

BOSTON– Boston-based Finegold Alexander Architects announced that it has been selected as the architect for the J.V. Fletcher Library renovation and expansion project.

The Town of Westford, MA selected Finegold Alexander Architects following their comprehensive Schematic Feasibility Study of the J.V. Fletcher Library, which aimed to address the evolving needs of this historic facility.

Established in 1895, the J.V. Fletcher Library has been a cornerstone of the Westford community for over a century. Finegold Alexander Architects’ vision for the JV Fletcher Library encompasses a thoughtful integration of historical preservation and modern functionality. The design preserves the library’s historic front facade, maintaining its timeless charm while creating a seamless transition into the 21st century. The main entry level will welcome visitors with an open and inviting space, expanding the Children’s area, and providing direct access to an enchanting outdoor storytelling space. On the second floor, the layout will boast expanded areas for adult collections, diverse meeting spaces, and a dedicated young adult section, fostering a flexible and vibrant environment. The design also emphasizes enhanced accessibility, ensuring an inclusive experience for all patrons.

“We are honored to be entrusted with the renovation and expansion of the J.V. Fletcher Library,” said Ellen Anselone, AIA, Principal-In-Charge. “Our design approach focuses on preserving the library’s heritage while enhancing its functionality and inviting atmosphere. This project embodies our commitment to seamlessly integrating history and modernity.”

The JV Fletcher Library renovation and expansion project is expected to be completed by May 2026. Finegold Alexander has a longstanding history of creating award-winning designs for new, renovated, and historic libraries across Massachusetts, having designed more than 30 libraries over 50 years. Finegold Alexander completed the public libraries for the cities of Holyoke and Stoughton, MA, and is currently working on the Jones Library addition and renovation in Amherst, MA.