Engineering Firm Sanborn Head Elects Two New Members to its Board of Directors and Adds Two New Shareholders

Colleen Costello

Concord, NH – Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. (Sanborn Head) announced the election of two new members to its Board of Directors and the addition of two new shareholders in the firm.

“We are excited to celebrate these leadership milestones for Sanborn Head,” said Barret Cole, President/CEO. “The addition of two new shareholders to our organization and the election of two new Board members demonstrate our firm’s solid foundation to support
growth and success over multiple generations of leadership and ownership, as well as multiple generations of projects, technical innovations, clients, and people.”

Colleen Costello, PG, was elected to Sanborn Head’s Board of Directors. Colleen will serve as an internal Director for a three-year term that began on January 1, 2022. Colleen is looking forward to providing strategic input to the Board that combines her appreciation for Sanborn Head’s unique size and culture with her experience leading people and business units at other companies.

John Marczewski, PE was also elected by the shareholders to serve as an external Director for a three-year term that began on January 1, 2022. John is an electrical engineer who has successfully started and led an energy consultancy business through a period of growth. He brings to Sanborn Head an appreciation for the importance of employee engagement and managing a business sustainably.

Luke Norton, PE, and Shawn Kelley, PE, are now shareholders in Sanborn Head. They have
both acquired stock, following approval from the Board of Directors. Ownership is an opportunity for Luke and Shawn to invest in their careers and the future success of Sanborn Head. As shareholders, they have accepted a promise to uphold the Ownership Philosophy, a commitment to stewardship and working for the greater good such that Sanborn Head will continue to create value and opportunity over the long term.